Afro Live Radio is an online urban radio which prides itself of Afrocentric content that is Informative &


Afro Live Radio is an online radio station that will be accessible online on our Website and App. We are also working on having a frequency and this will make us different from other Local Radio Stations as we will be accessed through frequency and online

The mandate of Afro Live Radio is to provide a voice to the whole world and other ethno-racial and marginalized communities. As such Afro Live Radio will have a unique sound. While Afro Live Radio will have diverse programming and feature various types of spoken word & news shows and popular urban musical styles such as jazz, hip hop, African music and Dance music, a strong emphasis will be on: promoting the work of our Local artists; providing information related to the Local redevelopment as well as other news relevant to local community members; and showcasing news, spoken words and music styles influenced by or associated with specific cultural ethnicities that comprise the world at large and Multi-lingual presenting will be encouraged and supported. 

Afro Live Radio will also be dedicated to social justice. Shows (music, spoken word, radio documentaries and news) and special broadcasts (such as Women’s Day, World Aids Day, Human Rights Day etc.) challenging racism, sexism, Queer hatred, classism and other forms of anti-oppression and anti-discrimination will be a prominent feature of Afro Live Radio hosting. 

Afro Live Radio will aspire to provide original show hosting from 6am to 21:00pm, seven days weekly. The shows will be hosted and produced by experienced staff as well as other producers who will come to our studio from diverse communities across African Continent. 

The Radio’s focus will be to bring community members together to creatively address issues that have an impact on them; Afro Live Radio will strive to be an intergenerational social space for all members of the station to engage with each other and members of their constituencies. As part of this mandate Afro Live Radio will provide presenters with free community meeting space, use of computers for researching purposes and regularly host: a monthly social performance event in our area (known as Last Fridays’ ); on-going panel discussions on issues that communities are struggling with; and workshop opportunities for children, high school and university students, women, seniors and all others who have an interest in using our online radio station to dialogue and promote awareness of and within their communities. 

To ensure audience development, high quality broadcasts and to accomplish the above mandated activities, Afro Live Radio is committed to continuous volunteer recruitment and training strategies, as well as the development of a strong staff core. Afro Live Radio staff will strive to: facilitate opportunities for mentorship between and among presenters and assist them in branding and promotion of their shows; train presenters in the use of social media tools; conduct media literacy workshops; and providing regular consultation and ongoing technical production workshops.  

AfroLiveRadio Directors.

Samuel Tlou Railo



Samuel Tlou Railo a Limpopo born flambouyant free spirited and creative entreprenuer,  raised in Mamelodi the south of Pretoria.A former Team Leader in the production sector at Ford Incubation Centre (Sodecia SA). Studied Fitting & Turning at Tshwane South College also studied IT at Boston Media House. Director of TLOU RAILO PTY LTD  an IT Company  based in Mamelodi Pretoria. 

Radio and media in general has always been a passion for Samuel Railo. The next stepping stone was an online radio station called  Groove Jamz which he started back in 2014. The economic down turn was the catalyst in him having to assume  a 9 to 5 at AIDC Ford Incubation Centre in 2015 and the radio station was put on hold as a result, 2018 threw a better light and hope and the dream was revived and realized. Afro Live Radio is Samuel Tlou’ s brainchild which encompasses other stake holders who bought in on this beautiful progressive entity 

Afro live radio not only did it give hope to the young radio enthusiasts but housed the cream of the crop in radio presenting  and production.this young hopeful station is making inroads in the broadcasting field and is proving to be a force to be reckoned with ,thanks to one Samuel Tlou whom his persistance and ziel turned a dream into a reality   

Joao Felix Novela



Joao Felix Novela born in Mozambique, Speaks Portuguese, Zulu and English. Lives in South Africa and a  South African citizen.

Mechanical engineer, specialize in Ventilation, Refrigeration and indoor air quality specialist.Director of JFSS Productions and Basic Blue air condition Refrigeration.

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