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Afro Live Radio is a privately owned urban online radio station that was established on 16 January 2019. Due to its mature, interactive and thought-provoking programming content now has listenership in more than 120 countries nationwide with a niche market of urban based decision makers, business people and young ambitious adults. The station is 100% black owned.

We recently started a new project which is under will be under Afroliveradio. This new Project will be called Pitori Mahlanyeng Podcast. It became popular within a week on our social media platforms and the community is already talking about it. This is our first edition podcast.

This wonderful opportunity came to life by popular demand from Pretorians who are in the showbiz looking for a platform to interact with their fans. One thing led to another, it was at that moment that we realized the opportunity that was emerging in front of us as well as a latent demand that was waiting to be exploited. We decided that the best way to take advantage of this opportunity was to implement this project.

We have come a long way, but we still need support. Your contribution is needed to help our mission while making a difference in our communities.

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